Hop On

Take a ride!


Slide into the ball pit, fun is guaranteed!

Creative Dance

Kids can dance and pop bubbles! The only limit is their imagination!

Party Time

It’s always a party in here!


Turn around and around like a planet!

Shoot the ball

Do you think you can score?

Hockey Table

Do you think you can score?

About Us

Star Park Indoor Playground and Party Center is a clean, safe and fun-filled indoor playground where infants, toddlers and young children can engage in all sorts of hands-on fun and interactive learning. From swings and slides to crawling tunnels and climbing structures our young kid friendly super soft play equipment creates lots of challenging fun for everyone. We keep everything sanitized so you can relax and allow your child to explore safely. Conveniently located near Old Navy inside the Cherry Hill Mall, we’re a blast of fun waiting to happen!


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