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If you're having a party with us, please print or share these invitations with your invitees as well:

Keeping your child safe!

  • No sick children.

  • SOCKS must be worn at all times! No shoes, No bare feet. We like a clean facility!

  • If you are unable to remove your shoes, please be able to cover them with a booty.

  • Please no strollers in the gym (wheels are not sanitized)

  • No toys from home.

  • No reckless play, no climbing behind or on the sides of playscapes. You play at your own risk. No flips, somersaults, or other stunts.

  • Feet FIRST down the slides. Allow time for others to exit the slide before you slide. Do not stand at bottom of the slide or climb up the slide. Enter and Exit all equipment properly. Step or sit and slide off the equipment, do not jump off.

  • No glass or sharp objects are allowed in the play area.

  • Empty pockets and remove jewelry (we are not responsible for lost or broken items).

  • No food, gum, candy or drinks in the play area.


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